Make The Time

I am very lucky, as both my parents love books. I was read to every night and encouraged to develop an individual preference for specific genres through exposure to a wide range of reading materials. I did incidentally follow in my father’s footsteps and seek out fantasy and science fiction, but I embrace any book if recommended by a friend, colleague or in a specific book review post.

On top of this family love, I had a teacher at school who valued books above everything. He loved books, lived books and even wrote books. He would take time to have book chats with me and made discussing books as normal as discussing the weather.

Lots of children do not have this family background to nurture a love of literature so we are the flag bearers as teachers and librarians, waving the banner sky high. We can make children feel the way I felt about books as a child if we take time to give it the platform it deserves. More and more I see reading for pleasure being championed and celebrated; if Teacher Twitter is a reflection of current UK teaching classrooms, we are shining a light for a future of passionate readers.

One thing I love to do to shine this spotlight in my class is to copy my old teacher and make time to chat about books; get to know what my children are interested in so I can recommend books to them. Today I had tears as a recommendation led to a special moment.

I have a little girl in my class who is an avid reader and seeks out advanced literature and can grasp complex themes. I immediately knew Thornhill by Pam Smy would be perfect for her so asked her mum if she would mind me lending her my copy. The next day she brought this thank you card in as she was loving the book. She will never know how I will treasure that card. I hope one day she sits back and remembers me as the teacher who made discussing books as normal as discussing the weather.


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